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UPRIZE: The World’s First Self-Erecting Dildo | Remote Control Auto-Erection Technology

Introducing UPRIZE: The World’s First Self-Erecting Dildo. Now you can achieve rock hard erections, at the press of a button!

Slip it in a strap-on, stick it to a wall or share it with your partner.

Unlike other strap-on toys, UPRIZE gives you the power to be hard when you want – and only when you want. No more permanent stiffies or unreliable hard ons. Now, you can enjoy bionic boners on demand with added powerful vibrations!

Perfect for strap-on and pegging adventures, as well as hands-free solo play, discover all of the uplifting benefits of UPRIZE with Jess and Sammi in this week’s vlog.


Shop UPRIZE here: http://bit.ly/2HHebFR


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