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5 Toys for Amazing Nipple Play | Nipple Clamps, Nipple Suckers and More!

Nipples are amazing things and, guess what? Everyone’s got ’em!

Find out how to stimulate your nipples for out-of-this-world pleasure, fast-tracked orgasms and (potentially) the elusive-yet-mind-blowing nipplegasm!

This week Jess and Annabelle give you 5 toys for amazing nipple play.

Did we miss a trick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

*Shop Nipple Toys!* https://bit.ly/2LNwoD1

*Shop the toys in this vlog:*
Peppermint lube: https://bit.ly/2JltcQL
Clit balm: https://bit.ly/2H7LIH6
Feather tickler: https://bit.ly/2stvUJG
Nipple suckers: https://bit.ly/2qcn1pu
Bullet vibrator: https://bit.ly/2kD46ir
Nipple clamps: https://bit.ly/2kEMR09

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