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How to get over a breakup – 5 Exercises

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5 Breakup Exercises to Get You Over Your Ex

So you dumped him…

Or – he dumped you.

It happens in life sometimes. And if there’s anything we learn in this land of serial monogamy is that there’s always a newer, shinier one around the corner.

We change our TV shows as fast as our clothes and our lovers these days… just swipe to something new.

So instead of lamenting and crying over the last one – go get your recovery yoga pants on and let’s have some healthy fun here…

First off – I’m going to share a little of my “get over him, girl” wisdom with you. This should help take the edge off your breakup heartache…

Get Over Him, Girl! Remember – you thought the same thing about the LAST one.

You might not remember this, but the last relationship you had that ended this way probably felt pretty similar.

– Same tears….

– Same wondering if you should text him at 3:00 AM…

– Same drive by his house to see if SHE is there with him…
The funny thing is that every breakup feels unique only because of the freshness of the emotions.

It’s really no different than any of the ones before it. Except maybe now you think you’ve learned better and it REALLY should have been different this time.

Our emotions always flow in the same current, and take the same paths through our heart.

Without that consistency, your heart would drive you crazy.

So take some solace that this one is like the other guys – you’ll heal, you’ll move on.

Get Over Him, Girl! Remember – you’re not going to be alone forever…

There seems to be this irrational voice that is quiet the whole time you were in the relationship, but the second you’re out – it starts screaming: “You’re going to be alone forever!”

That voice is the voice of insecurity and fear of loss.

It’s your mental drug fix (all those hormones that were raging in your brain throughout the relationship) being cut off – and now you’re going through withdrawal. And it’s NOT fun.

Contrary to what your brain chemistry and insecurities are trying to tell you, you have to fight back with rational thinking. That’s your one and only reliable weapon to keep the despair away.

Remind yourself constantly that “this too shall pass.” When the emotions run high, you have to have your warm sanctuary of the heart.

Get Over Him, Girl! Remember – you gotta break the spell.

Look, the relationship really wasn’t all THAT.

The reality of most relationships that break up (and a surprising amount of the ones that don’t break up) is how BLECH the relationship actually was that we’re clinging to.

In fact, one of the best exercises I ever did after a relationship was to write down all of the crappy things in my relationship. Then I went on to list all the things that were real deal breakers with my partner.

It was not only an eye-opener, but it helped me get over my ex in about half the time.

We’ve all fallen victim to “glorifying” our ex to the point where we obsess over them long after the relationship has ended.

This spell has to be broken if you want to move on.

So now let’s talk about the breakup exercises…

Okay – when I say “Breakup Exercises” I mean LITERALLY exercise your way back to happiness. If you sit around moping and thinking, you will ALWAYS go back to moping and thinking about HIM. It’s what I call the “curse of an idle mind.”

So keep yourself busy – AND get in shape with these easy exercises…

Get Over Your Breakup – Exercise 1: The Long Walk Of Love…

Look, we all know walking is really great exercise. (Sorry runners, you’re just killing your knees…)

Why not take some time to walk off some of the pain of your breakup?

My family and I walk every Sunday here where we live in Oregon. It’s a scenic loop, it’s got some nice hills to challenge us. And the kids actually really enjoy the time to talk and walk with us.

I sometimes use this time to just meditate on where I am in life and where things are going.

One of the best exercises is simply to walk.

And you can couple this with imagining yourself walking away from that ex of yours.

Just mentally review that list of stuff that you didn’t like about him – a big steaming pile of it…

then imagine yourself walking away from all of it, putting as much distance as you can between you and it…

It’s great motivation, and it’s great movement for your body.

Get Over Your Ex – Exercise 2: The …

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How to get over a breakup