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How To Bring A Man Closer – 7 WAYS – Even If He’s Pulled Away…

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7 Ways To Get A Man Closer To You – Even if he’s grown distant!

When a guy becomes cold, distant, detached, or pulls away from you, it’s a scary sensation.

It might even remind you of when one or both of your parents were cold and hard to connect with as a kid, which sends our system into all kinds of panic. When someone you really love isn’t close to you, or seems like they’re withdrawing their love, it’s a real shock to your emotional system.

It’s sometimes hard to keep a man interested. He might become aloof and distant, and you don’t even know why it’s happening. (I reveal the reason for this in my free ebook: “7 Mistakes That Push Him Away” – ENTER YOUR EMAIL in the form on the left to get your copy…)

But the real question most women have is how to get him closer to you – even if he’s growing distant from you.

Even when you’re apart…

It’s important, because you have to have a deep emotional bond with a man to keep him interested in you – and the relationship.

The same is true for the woman in the relationship. You won’t stay close to him if your emotional intimacy needs aren’t getting met.

The reality for women, however, is that they know they can’t compete with younger, slimmer girls that might come along. So it’s vital that you understand how to keep your man connected to you by using the power of his EMOTIONS.

EMOTIONS are your secret weapon against all the giggly bombshells that sneak in and try to grab his eye.

Let’s start out with:

Get him closer to you – TIP #1: Keep The Flow!

I’m giving you the deadliest trick right up front here – you have to get your man to open up to you and be comfortable confiding in you.

Unfortunately, in many of the couples I’ve seen, they have a well-rehearsed routine of cutting each other off and making it difficult to connect. This is going to create a rift between you if you keep doing it. These patterns can go right off the rails.

Keep the channels of communication open, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Here’s what happens:

– Man feels vulnerable and wants to tell her what he’s feeling…

– BUT he remembers the last few times he’s tried opening up and telling her the uncomfortable truth, and how she made him feel shamed, or wrong for his feelings

– He feels like he’s about to put his “hand in the fire” and pulls back
– She senses his distance and tries to pull him back in…

– And now HE is in full blown panic mode as he tries to get away from her, thinking she’s just “being needy”

You can probably see how that dynamic can get out of control…

You have to keep the flow of communication flowing at all costs.

Yeah, in order to do this, you have to follow the next tip:

Stop Him From Pulling Away From You – TIP #2: Keep him SAFE…

So in order to make a man feel safe enough to open up to you and be vulnerable, he has to know that there are no consequences for opening up to you.

Some possible consequences he might foresee:

You get angry at him – men will work hard to avoid disapproval from a woman. VERY hard…

You withhold physical intimacy from him – again, a man has a deep need for bedroom intimacy with his partner, and he will do anything to avoid that…

You will go silent – just as bad as you getting angry, but worse because this means you’re playing games by using the silent treatment…

Take his emotional needs seriously…
Remember that if a guy feels safe enough to reveal what he’s thinking and feeling, you won’t be in the dark as to what’s going on with him.

But so often a woman will cut him off and hold a petty grudge that pushes him away from her. Not only does this create distance in their emotional intimacy, it also makes it more likely he’ll try to get that intimacy somewhere else.

Yes, that’s right. If a woman comes along with a sympathetic ear, she will snake him right out from under you. Simply by knowing how most women push their man away…

Keep Him Close To You – TIP #3: Keep him…

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How To Bring A Man Closer