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How To Deal With Emotional Triggers In An Intimate Partnership-Stan Tatkin-Smart Couple Podcast #220

Clinician and teacher, Stan Tatkin, explains what scientific research is telling us about pair bonding, adult attachment, and how to avoid triggering unwanted reactions.


Who Is Stan Tatkin? [1:00]
Info On Stan’s New Book ‘We Do’ [4:00]
Going From Me To We Is Not About Codependency [6:00]
What is PACT & Psychobiology? [10:00]
Questions You Need To Ask Yourself If You Had a “Great” Childhood [19:00]
Allostatic Load And The Intersection Between Health and Security [24:00]
How To Start Hard A Conversation [34:00]
A Psychobiological Look At Emotions & Hormones [41:00]
Listener Question: How Responsible Are We For Our Partner’s Feelings? [49:00]
Listener Question: How Does Stan Address Sexual Desire Discrepancies? [55:00]

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