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What Does FWB Mean? And Are We More Than Friends?

What does FWB mean? And are we more than friends?

So what does FWB mean? Simply said, it stands for “Friend with Benefits.”

Those benefits are that you can sleep with each other, and get some intimate action as a side benefit.

But is it really a benefit?

Is that the relationship you REALLY want with him?

You might actually be wondering if you’re an FWB – friend with benefits – or are you his girlfriend? Is he your boyfriend?

First we should cover some signs that you’re only friends with him:

Are You More Than Friends – Sign 1: He keeps you as a secret…

This might seem kind of cool in a “forbidden love” kind of way. You almost fee like you’re doing something a little edgy and taboo…

Until you don’t.

Which is to say that it gets old the second you discover you have feelings for him, and you wonder if he has them for you. Or if you’re just a friend with benefits. And all he does is hide you away like a dirty secret.

A lot of women start up a relationship with a guy only to discover that he’s not posting anything about them online.

Or talking to his family about her…
Or putting her full name in his phone…
Or meeting any of his friends…
What’s typically going on here is that he’s either not ready to make your relationship public, or he just doesn’t want to define it quite yet…

Or he only wants to be FWB with you.

Another sign is that he will not be as affectionate in public if he’s not feeling you two have relationship potential.

Another way to say this is that he will be all over you like a cheap suit if he’s into you. Guys like to stake their claim, and men simply don’t hold back on their PDAs (Public Display of Affection) unless he’s not into a relationship with you.

Just FWB? Sign 2: He won’t label your relationship…

Simply put, he’s not going to let you declare the relationship as… well ANYTHING. The second you ask “what are we?” he’s going to start ducking, bobbing, weaving, sidestepping, and dancing the tap dance of a lifetime.

He might say “I don’t like labels.”


“Let’s just play it casual…”

Or a bunch of other things.

The truth is that a lot of women will hear his excuse and immediately think he’s commitment phobic.

NOPE – He’s just not into YOU.

And I know that’s a bitter pill to swallow. Especially when he breaks it off with you – or disappears – only to resurface 3 days later with a girlfriend he can’t keep his hands off. (By the way, when this happens, now you know what it was all about. You were a placeholder while he found a women he was really into.)

SEE MY OTHER ARTICLE ON “Where is this going?” Defining the Relationship…

Are You His Girlfriend? Sign 3: You’re not going out – and you’re not going ANYWHERE…

This one shows up pretty quickly as an obvious situation of never leaving the house. You wind up staying home and just chilling & Netflix – because he never wants to go anywhere.

There’s a couple possibilities here:

He’s just a lazy homebody. I know about this one – I used to BE one.

Until I finally realized that it was costing me relationships, so I started to relax that need to stay inside.

To be fair, I had a pretty cool apartment. Big screen TV with theater sound… comfy chairs and couch… relaxing location in Sausalito… Ahhh… I kinda miss that old place…

He could be cash-poor. Not having any disposable income limits a man’s options. And he’s not going to be proud of that fact – or want you to know.

He’s not into being seen with you. This one is usually connected to the whole “doesn’t want to define the relationship – or HAVE one.”

It’s rare that a guy doesn’t want to be seen with a woman because he thinks there’s anything really horrible about her. He may just be avoiding running into anyone he knows, or any women he’s already dating…

He’s only in it for the convenient fun. And that usually means that he’s not so into spending money on dates when take-out and a movie rental will do.

Are You Just FWB? Sign 4: It’s all about the booty, baby…

One of the simplest ways you can spot an obvious FWB relationship is that he’s only going to …

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What does FWB mean? And are we more than friends?