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“My boyfriend cheated on me” 5 things to do – And NOT do!

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“My Boyfriend Cheated On Me…!” – Here Are 5 Things To Do ASAP

If you’ve ever felt the betrayal from a guy in a relationship, you know you don’t ever want to go through that again.

It’s a cruddy feeling that just leaves you feeling hollowed out and angry.

You may have heard other women say:

My boyfriend cheated on me with his ex girlfriend!

My boyfriend cheated on me with his ex wife!

And this is also common: My boyfriend cheated on me with a guy…

You might even feel like this is a problem with men everywhere. Why do guys cheat so much?

But Here Is The Shocking Truth About Infidelity:

Men and women cheat in about the same numbers.

Oh, I know – you might have heard that ‘men cheat more than women’ – and it might even SEEM like that when you watch movies and television. Or if you’re a woman that has had this happen to her.

But it’s not the reality of it.

You see those studies done on cheating and infidelity don’t tell you something…

The unfortunate thing about most studies done on any topic is that these studies are almost always done with COLLEGE STUDENTS.

“…most psychology research done in the U.S. is consistently done primarily on college students — specifically, undergraduate students taking a psychology course. It’s been this way for the better part of 50 years.”

I mean, let’s get real now. College is a 4 year block of time (okay, for some it’s an 8 year block) where the rules pretty much go out the window. Never trust a study done on a segment of the population that ISN’T you!

It’s misleading and it’s given everyone the wrong idea about how people think and function.

So let’s dig into the truth about this – and get to the core of what you should do if you have a boyfriend cheat on you.

Before we go into “My boyfriend cheated on me – what do I do?” – I want to start with a few things you should NOT do:

Your boyfriend cheated on you – DON’T DO THIS: Don’t go for revenge…

Getting even never pays off.

Sometimes girls will even get in a bad habit of trying to slander or spread rumors about a guy.

She might paint a certain body part on his car…

She might seduce a friend of his to get some revenge…

But the truth is that getting back at someone is only going to hurt you more than him.

Now, I’m hoping that you’re not that type of woman anyway, but I had to say this for the record.

Your boyfriend cheated on you – DON’T DO THIS: Don’t Bounce Right Away…

There’s a temptation to do two things when you go through the hurt of a partner that cheated on you:

– Cheat to get some revenge. (I already advised against this above…)

– Rebound into some other guy’s arms to reassure yourself that you’re desirable.

Let me tell you that about 95% of all men and women will jump into the next relationship possible – as fast as possible. (I’m not exaggerating.)


I know it’s painful…

I know you feel like you may never have “THAT” again… (And it’s probably good if you don’t…)

I know that you need some reassurance…

But DO NOT go out and jump into a McRelationship. That’s the McDonalds kind of relationship where it’s quick, easy, and not very good for you.

Right now your hormones are in a state of PANIC and WITHDRAWAL.
YES! Just like drug addiction withdrawal. That’s why it seems like you can’t control your actions and you act so erratic.

Don’t jump into a new relationship the second you’re single. It’s the worst thing possible, even if it SEEMS like it’s a good thing to do to calm down that inner voice of insecurity.

And I know that no matter how many times I say this, you’ll still probably throw my caution to the wind and do it anyway.

If you do…

DON’T DO THIS: Don’t Move So Fast In the Next Relationship…

If I can’t get you to take some time off from dating, for gosh sakes, at least please go SLOWLY with the next guy. You’ll be tempted to jump into a new relationship to fill the hole in your heart. But it’s not going to work out for you if you do.

Chances are you’re old enough to recognize the rebound pattern in your life. If so – you know what I’m talking about here.

Your guy cheated on you – DON’T DO THIS: Don’t Go Back…!

Another one of those things that a lot of people do when they’re cheated on is to become so lovesick and desperate that they let themselves …

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My boyfriend cheated on me