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Money, Powerful Questions, & 8 Dates To Have With Your Partner – Smart Couple Podcast #229″

Few experts have studied more marriages – and determined what makes those relationships succeed or fall apart – than Drs. John and Julie Gottman.

The Seattle-based couple and founders of the Gottman Institute are leaders in their field, using decades of case studies to help both new couples and long-term partners communicate, ask the right questions, and find the solutions to keep their relationships intact and running smoothly.

On this episode of the podcast, the Gottmans discuss their newest book on relationships, some of the biggest flashpoints for argument and contempt among couples, and why mutual respect is critical for success for any partnership.


Background on the Gottmans [6:00]
Surprising Marriage Revelations [9:50]
Why Money Creates Arguments [11:20]
How to Ask Meaningful Questions [15:25]
Insights Learned from Couples on Dates [19:30]
Why Fun is Crucial in a Marriage [22:35]
The Perils of Screen Use [23:50]
The Impact of Attachment [25:40]
Interpreting Body Language and Contempt [30:45]
How Positive Couples Last [36:25]
How the Gottmans Solved Their Marriage [39:20]
The Importance of Date Nights [43:50]
The Role of Respect in a Relationship [46:30]
Advice for Young Couples [50:10]
How to Find The Gottmans’ New Book [52:00]
Final Thoughts and Action Steps [53:15]