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(INNER SELF) How To Attract Women During The Daytime

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People don’t want to work on their inner self.

People complain about not liking their job and the way that there boss treats them. But they won’t face their fear and quit there job! and start their own business, which they would clearly enjoy and love doing.

Like I mentioned in the video: People don’t generally want to work on there inner self. People are not happy in their relationships yet they won’t leave the relationships and make new loving, caring, positive, friends.
People struggle to be kind to people and give compliments from the (HEART) because they are so angry and jealous. People are afraid to look at there DARK (SHADOW) they don’t want to be exposed!!!!!

People have so much talent and love and potential deep within themselves but they are afraid to show that (LOVE & TALENT)
When I mentor people on my 6-week transformation programme & weekend confidence programme I help them to face there fears and work on there (INNER SELF)
The “GREAT” news is there are a lot of people in the world that you and I live in that are doing the work and achieving great things. These people are very intelligent and aware of who they are and whom they are not. They have had the courage to look at the (DARKNESS) that lives within them. They have integrated their shadow and aligned themselves to honesty and love.
These people have worked on their (INNER-SELF) and faced all the human fears on a practical level.

These are the fears if you want to seriously GROW and become more routed in who you are which is (LOVE).
Social Anxiety: The fear of talking to people and building relationships with them.

Money: The fear of not making any more and remaining poor and the far of making tons of money and becoming very wealthy.
The fears of being hurt a relationship
The fear of doing public speaking
The fear of putting yourself out on (Social media) hence Facebook Lives, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter.
The fear of admitting to your negative addictions and quitting them.