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10 Signs he wants you back but wont admit it!

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10 Signs he wants you back but won’t admit it…

We all want a little hope if we can get back together with our partner. When a guy breaks up with you, you’re looking for anything to give you some hope.

Here are – 10 Signs He Wants You Back But Wont Admit It…

Let’s face it – no one really has a friendly breakup. You know, where each of you wishes the other one well and you both just give each other their stuff back in nicely packed boxes. You move on, calling to check in on them every few weeks.



Which is why you need ways to cope with a relationship that may be on the skids right now. It’s confusing and difficult when the man you’ve invested your heart in is confusing you with signs he wants you back but he won’t admit how he feels.

You might not be sure your ex has let go of you yet, and you don’t want to let go if there’s still hope. There’s always a chance to reconcile or work it out, right?

I can’t tell you that we can predict what will happen in YOUR relationship. BUT there are some signs you can look for that can help tell you if there’s a chance with him again.

Let’s take a look at some of these signs so you can figure out whether you can make it work.

Here are – 10 Signs he wants you back – but won’t admit it…
Or maybe he’s just scared…

One of the most out-of-control emotions is also one of the most primal and basic.


It’s a hard feeling to contain. When you find out that someone you used to date is now seeing someone else, you feel a powerful kind of emotional NO WAY! that really eats at you.

I remember when I was in my early 20s, and I’d been dating someone that I thought I would marry. Her name was Kris, and I was SO into her.

Until she started having second thoughts. And then our relationship went down the proverbial toilet.

She eventually dumped me. All I could do was swing from extreme sadness to total jealousy at who would actually get to be with her next. Everything from thinking about the times we shared, to the times I’d never have again. (And a lot of imagining her in bed with a new guy…)

Lucky this was before the age of Facebook and all that craziness. I only had my imagination to tell me what was happening with her.

Jealousy is a pretty universal experience. We’ve all felt it at some point. And chances are that you felt kinda gross about it too.

I was jealous of Kris’ new guy – and there wasn’t even any evidence of a new guy to be jealous OF!

So when your guy starts TRYING to make you jealous, you can be sure it’s a sign he wants you back. Because if the other person was with a new person they were happy with, they’d never stop to let you know. They’d just go on with their happiness and forget about you.

And when he starts making catty, jealous comments about you and your life, you can be sure he’s still wants you back and maybe he is scared to show it.

Sign #2: The check-ins are frequent…
One of the other signs that tell you he hasn’t moved on – and maybe wants you back but won’t admit it – is when he is checking in on you frequently.

This can be as simple as him texting you with: “Hey, how are you doing?”

There are signs your boyfriend wants you back after breakup.

He’s obviously trying to start a conversation up with you. And there might even be a part of him that’s trying to get you to ask him how HE is doing.

The sad part of a breakup that we almost never see is that – even if he broke up with you – he’s also going through the withdrawal process. He’s probably coming to the realization that you are not there to go with him to all that stuff you used to do together. There’s a big hole in his life right now.

This is going to make him want to see what you’re up to.

And just like you might find it pretty tough to resist the urge to check in on him, he’s going to feel that same need to see what you’re up to.

It could just be a way to make himself feel better, but it’s more likely his need to feel what it’s like with you in his life again.

He might text – or call. Or just show up…

If you notice that he’s in your world a lot more, that’s a good indication he’s still into you, and he’s looking to find a way to reconnect.

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Signs he wants you back but won’t admit it