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Is love at first sight real? 7 Facts You Didn’t Know

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Is Love At First Sight Real? What you don’t know about men…

Have you ever asked yourself “Is love at first sight real?”

Is it even possible?

Well, you’d be right to ask, because it’s one of the romantic questions of all time. And I intend to answer it for you right here – right now.

For some people – the very phrase makes their eyes roll. As in, Yeah… rrrright.

And for others it’s one of the most supremely romantic ideas. One of the things they hope and pray happens to them.

Which one are you?

The question of love-at-first-sight really boils down to this:

Can two people meet, and in just a few minutes discover that they were meant to be together?

I want to start out by explaining a very big and important part of this question up front. And that is that even if love at first sight is real, that doesn’t mean that the person you met is the ONLY person for you.

It doesn’t have to be love at first sight to mean that the relationship won’t be a fantastic and beautiful romance. There are plenty of great relationships out there that didn’t start out as a “WOW I FELL IN LOVE RIGHT AWAY” kind of start.

In fact, if you’re waiting for that kind of significant fireworks to tell you you’ve found “The One,” you’re setting yourself up for failure. Your prince charming could be wearing denim overalls, and you’ll miss him while you’re wishing on a star.

Well, let’s dive into this topic in detail, because there’s more here than meets the eye – literally!

Is Love At First Sight Real?

In order to answer that question, we first have to look at a recent study from the Netherlands (Zsok, Haucke, De Wit, & Barelds, 2017).

These researchers asked nearly 400 men and women to complete surveys about potential romantic partners immediately after first encountering those individuals. They were asked how much they would agree with the statement: “I’m experiencing love at first sight with this person.”

They were also instructed to report how attracted they felt, as well as their level of passionate interest. They did this online, as well as using pictures, and then finally in person.

Now, the first thing I’m going to tell you is that 400 people is not a very large sample to base a study about the phenomenon of love at first sight between men and women. You don’t need to be a scientist to realize that one.

After all, what are the chances that your soulmate is going to be hiding in a group of 200 research subjects? (200 men and 200 women in the study…)

So what did they actually find about this myth of love at first sight between men and women?

First of all –

FACT: Men are more likely to claim love at first sight than women are…

This one might sound incredible, but it’s true. Men typically fall in love faster and harder than women do. A woman will then go along with the story later, if it works out.

The stereotype, after all, points to women being the ones to blurt out “I love you” first, and then desperately asking the guy “Where is this going?” or “What are we?”

The reason for this is in how women evolved over thousands of years. She had to be cautious about who she decided to fall for. He had to be reliable, and not disappear if she got pregnant.

The male, on the other hand, was the hunter and had to “bag his prey” quickly. Some might even say that guys are just lying about this to get a woman in bed, but the truth is that the men really believe their emotions are true.

Which, in my book, means they are true.

Okay, now for the next discovery about love at first sight:

FACT: Love at first sight isn’t always “reverse engineered…”

What do I mean by that?

Well, it’s easy for people to meet, fall in love later, and then decide to…

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Is love at first sight real