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The 5 Illusions Of Manhood – Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 236

Want to hear the reason his first marriage didn’t work out? He bought a house, had a successful job, and thought this is what she wanted. But, it didn’t work. Hmmm…

Michael was lost, confused, and going in the wrong direction.

HIs story is similar to a lot of men. Listen in as Michael tells his story and how he turned it all around and finally found “success” in his 2nd marriage.

We also cover the 5 myths, or illusions, of manhood.

If you need a hit of positivity in the midst of challenge, listen to this one.


(3:26) Introduction Michael Taylor
(8:24) How being emotionally unavailable messed with his first marriage
(13:55) The five illusions of manhood
(16:54) How to handle conflict in marriage
(22:35) Support and intimacy with other men
(28:45) Therapy and help from men of different races
(34:34) Optimism about racial issues