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Is He Serious About Me? – 7 signs

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“Is He Serious About Me?” – 7 Signs

The question comes up in almost EVERY single relationship: “Is He Serious About Me? Or Is He Just Playing Games?” You need to know what his intentions are.

Dating in your 40s is tough enough. You don’t want to waste years of your life waiting to find out if he’s serious about you and the relationship.

After a while you have to stop engaging in the fairy tale part of romance and get realistic with yourself – and him. You just can’t waste your time on a relationship that is going nowhere.

And let’s face facts – a lot of guys will seem like they’re leading you on and wasting your time.

But – as I’m about to explain to you – you can practically guarantee his interest in you – if you know what to look for.

First, let’s clear up some things you might be thinking about men that are not entirely accurate…

MYTH ABOUT MEN’S INTEREST: He’s easily scared of his feelings…

This one is a great excuse for why guys do things, but it’s almost never real. Men don’t run around in sheer terror about their feelings as some people might tell you.

No, we don’t run away the second we start having feelings for a woman…

No, we don’t scream in sheer terror the moment we notice ourselves falling in love…

These stereotypes of men are created mostly because they accomplish a few things:

– The stereotype lines up with the accepted wisdom about men, so we buy into them quickly and easily…
– The stereotype sounds true – after all, guys are painted as the emotionally unavailable commitment-phobes…
– The stereotype lets you off the hook…

#3 is the most important one to consider – that these excuses about men seem true.

It will always sound better to accept a thin excuse like “men are emotionally unavailable” than believing there’s a reason he decided to back off, right?

Beware the urge you might have to paint men as emotionally incompetent scaredy-cats. This is a Hollywood myth that you’ve been fed in movies and television. And they keep giving you more of it because most women have been unknowingly tricked into believing it.

I’ll be up-front and honest and tell you that it’s also true that a man will use these excuses himself – if it’s convenient. If a guy is looking to get out of a relationship, he’ll probably pull the “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse – which makes it easier on you. He’ll tell you he’s “scared” – or “not ready.”

But the truth is that he just doesn’t want to admit that he’s not all that into you.

When it comes to a breakup, both people in a relationship have a part in how it plays out.

Either way, it’s not going to work out well for you to start a relationship with him.

MYTH ABOUT MEN’S INTEREST: He Will Run From Happiness…

Similar to the previous myth, this myth confuses you into thinking: “He’s so afraid of how much he loves me that he pulls away!”

NOPE. Never happens.

If he’s into you, he will chase you, hunt you down, and make you his girlfriend and eventually his wife.

Guys don’t run around denying themselves love. We want it just as badly as you do.

MYTH ABOUT MEN’S INTEREST: Men are always keeping you in the Friend-with-Benefits zone…

Again, not true. Most men do not have meaningless bedroom encounters to avoid intimacy.

But it’s TOTALLY understandable why you might fall for this myth…

Based on this pattern alone, it’s easy to think that booty is all he wants. You liked him, you may have moved too quickly into physical intimacy, and now there’s nothing left for him to “win.” Sure, he might like to have a deeper relationship, but … now something has gone sour.

The real problem was how SOON he got to sleep with you. The quicker you jump into bed with him, the quicker he discovers there’s no more challenge. And that’s when he gets confused and decides to bail.

There’s a lot of misleading information out there about gender roles. The media tells you that it’s okay for you to date like guys do. They tell you that you are free to explore your desires – and you are!

However, here’s something they don’t tell you:

THE HONEST TRUTH: Men lose interest in a woman that

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Is He Serious About Me?