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Top 3 Requested | Relationship Insecurity — Susan Winter

Introducing a new playlist to my YouTube channel: Top 3 Requested answers 3 viewer’s questions, all centering on one theme. Today, we’re examining relationship insecurity.

Kirstin writes, “Hello. I have been dating a divorced man with 3 kids for almost 2 years now. I have never dated someone with kids, and it is extremely hard to understand the relationship he has with his ex. It seems that they are friends and talk way more than just about the kids, and I am struggling to feel secure in the relationship, even though he has told me there is nothing going on between them. Help.”

Tania writes, “Please could you do a video on having an affair with a married man? Can it ever end well? Should I believe him when he says he is unhappy in his marriage and loves me, but is unable to leave because they have a baby on the way. Sometimes he chases me and other times he pushes me away (he says it’s because he does not want to hurt me). He gets jealous if I date other people. I am in love with him.”

Petra writes, “Can someone who was once deeply in love with you fall back in love with you again and what will it take to do that? This is a best friend who was in love with me for a few years then when I fell in love with him and confessed, he said he wasn’t in love with me. We were inseparable and love each other deeply, but I feel I was too clingy. We haven’t spent time together in months. It feels like a break up.”

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