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9 Mind Games Men Play

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A lot of women experience mind games men play when they’re dating or in a relationship. I definitely do NOT condone game playing, please be clear. But you need to know when someone is manipulating you.

I have a shocking truth for you about the mind games men play – but I’m going to reveal that a bit later…

For now, let’s dig into:

9 Mind Games That Men Play – And How To Recognize Them…

MIND GAMES MEN PLAY #1: The “Hopeful” Game
So you go out and meet a guy, and things seem pretty good between you. He even texts you after to tell you:

“Hey it was great to meet you. Looking forward to seeing you soon!”

That sounds hopeful, right? I mean, he put in the effort to text you, adds some sweetness, and promises a followup.

Buuuuut… it doesn’t happen. A week or two after you reply to his text with your own “Great to meet you” – you realize he hasn’t texted you back yet. That date has yet to happen.

Now, there are a ton of things that could have happened in that time:

His dog could have died
His mom might have gotten sick
He “got busy at work”
He ran a full marathon in the Swiss Alps…
In fact, you might have heard a few of these excuses from him if you happen to run into him at the grocery or Starbucks.

But you also know, they’re not true most of the time.

The reality is that he either lost interest in you, or he met someone else. Neither of which is necessarily your fault. Let me explain:

Guys have something called “Shiny Toy Syndrome.” Meaning that whatever prospect is currently on the front of his mind is who he’s focused on. (That’s usually the woman that has triggered his interest most recently. Now – I’ll come back to this Shiny Toy thing in a bit…)

A lot of women misinterpret and think that the woman who has slept with him most recently wins.

Yeah, this can happen – but it’s NOT why he didn’t call you or text you back. The reason he ghosted you is simply because he didn’t have you right there in front of him to remind him why he should be chasing you down. You gotta stay on the top of his mind.

Don’t get too attached to words – or even his empty promises. Nothing is real until it HAPPENS.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in a fantasy future.

AND – you gotta “Stay shiny” to him or you might lost his interest.

I’ll show you how that Mind Game works in just a bit.

Next up –

GAMES MEN PLAY #2: The “Coincidence” Game
This is one that a lot of guys play, and that’s because it helps him move forward with you.

You ever have a guy who told you “Wow, we are SO alike!” Where he’s pointing out the similarities between you and him at every chance?

Or maybe you two discover a coincidence – like his mom and your mom went to the same school.

You might even think – there’s no way that can be a mind game! You can’t go back in time and make that stuff happen.

Well, the truth is that we all have things in common. Some people have MORE things in common, and they’re easy to see.

What a guy likes to do is find and point out the things in his life that match YOUR life. He wants you to see: “See? We’re alike! You should sleep with me!”

For example: You’re telling him about how you went skiing last weekend. In response, he will tell you that he “LOVES skiing! Oh my gosh!”

He pounces on it. Because he wants your approval and your interest in him.

And then you find out a few months later in conversation that he actually used to snowboard when he was 17 and lived in Vermont. Yeah, like twenty years ago.

Now, technically, he’s not lying. But it’s a little bit of a stretch for him to be so enthusiastic about this one little “co-inky-dink” that you both like skiing.

What you have to do is to make sure you call a guy on his malarky (does anyone still say ‘malarky’ anymore?). Be sure to throw him a little curve ball to put him on the spot.

So, using our skiing example from before, what you have to do is ask him a question about it:

“Oh, yeah, I really enjoy getting up to the mountains as much as I can during the season. What equipment are you using?”

And that’s when he’ll start to stumble. “Er, well, I haven’t … uh, bought new gear in a while. I like Berman quite a bit.”

“Uh, You mean Burton?”

Of course, calling him on it isn’t to expose him for his exaggeration. It’s simply to “fact check” how he’s representing himself.

GAMES MEN PLAY #3: The “Meant To Be” Game
This game is simply –

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9 Mind games men play