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Roasting My Subscribers AWFUL Crush Text Messages (EMBARRASSING)

Oh my gosh you guys, so many of you have asked me to do a video where I am Roasting subscribers text messages with their crush. You guys know I’m a nice person, but I will always give you my honest feedback and opinions on how you’re coming across.

You can use this feedback and tips to tell if a guy likes you, what to do with your crush, how to tell if he’s interested, if there’s rapport, if he’s flirting, and many other decoding tricks haha!

Guys, I really hope people understand that this video is all in good fun. We can all do better at things and by no means is this meant to be critical in any way. I love you guys so much.

Hi, I’m Kimberly and this channel is all about relationships, dating, crushes and confidence, but I also mix in quite a bit of my personal life including pregnancy, my family, my life, and and work! I went to school for 14 years to get my doctoral degree in Psychology so I have lots of life advice for you guys!

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