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The BEST STYLE TIPS for MEN – A Piece Of The Attraction Podcast

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Many of my students who attend my 7-Day Mastery Program request a session with this episode’s guest, Daniel Johnson. Now although he is a very much loved and long serving member of my team, he’s not actually an instructor. He is in fact ‘The Stylist’
What this man doesn’t know about style, suits, jeans, shoes, hats, cravats, shades and shirts isn’t worth mentioning.
But here’s the thing..He HATES fashion!
For Daniel, fashion is a complete reflection of society, while style is a reflection of oneself.
Daniel was literally bursting at the seams (pun definitely intended) with advice and incredible tips that any man would find useful. This guy is a walking encyclopaedia on the subject, and as a result we went well over the usual one-hour mark.

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