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How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

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How To Tell A Guy You Like Him – 5 Tips For Women Over 35

It’s always a challenge to know how to tell a guy you like him, because you just don’t want to be rejected.

The older we get, the more we feel like we don’t want to waste time, too. It can definitely be tricky if you don’t know how to tell a man you like him. And it’s also likely you don’t want to be obvious about it.

And you don’t want to scare him away, either.

The second you realize you’ve got a biological clock, and you can hear it ticking like a time bomb, you realize that you don’t have forever to start up a relationship. It’s time to get busy!

You don’t want to be in your 90s and still looking for a partner or husband.

Let’s face it – if you don’t know how to tell him you like him, he may be too afraid to get near you. Studies have shown that men now fear talking to women because they think flirting will be considered sexual harassment.

Is there a way you can tell a guy you like him, without pushing him away?

Or without really even telling him at all?

First of all –

Should You Tell A Guy You Like Him?

I personally do not recommend that ANY woman tell a man exactly how much she likes him. Or even tell him that she likes him at all without knowing THE RIGHT WAY to tell him.

Why do I say this?

REASON #1: The Second You Tell Him You Like Him, He’s Disappointed…

I’m sure he’ll be excited on the outside if you tell him, but he’ll FEEL disappointed on the inside.

You may even notice this happening yourself, when you get something that you secretly wanted for a long time. You get that thing, and then you feel the happiness fade away almost immediately.

And then a new desire pops up to fill its place.

The second our wishes are fulfilled, we instinctively move on to the next challenge or thing that awaits us. It’s human nature.

When you tell a guy you like him, you release all the delightful sexual tension of him NOT knowing. That small question he has of “does she feel the same way?” is what fuels his interest in you.

And ask yourself, “Why do I want to tell him?” This is really important – and I’ll come back to it in a bit…

REASON #2: The Chase Will Die When You Tell Him…

Men don’t chase what they feel they’ve already caught. And that goes doubly so for a woman he wants.

And men need challenge to want to pursue you.

We all want what we can’t have. This law of human nature does not change.

In fact, if your man doesn’t chase you at the start of your relationship, it’s unlikely you will stay together for very long.

So let’s get started with the first tip –

TIP #1: No matter what you think, he’s clueless…

I mentioned before that it can be hard for a guy to catch your “hints.” You might think you’re being obvious with your flirting, and you’re wondering what else you could do to tell him you like him.

So one thing to consider is that guys are much more clueless about social cues than women are. This comes from how men are socialized and how they interact as boys.

You see, boys rarely ever “hint” at each other. And as they grow up, they sometimes learn how to spare each others feelings, but they mostly just say what they mean.

This is why a man’s words of “honesty” often feel too harsh to you. It’s not that he’s trying to be nasty and hurt your feelings – it’s just that he’s learned to be direct, and you’ve learned to be REALLY indirect.

Women are taught (socially) that directness is often abrasive and unwelcome. I can literally count on one hand the number of women I’ve known that could “speak their mind” comfortably. Or who were even willing to speak up.

So realize that you are likely being far more indirect than you think. And when you combine that with his cluelessness, it’s a recipe for misunderstanding – AND disaster.

If you are trying to hint to him and get him to realize you like him so that he’ll ask you out, remember that he’s not always going to see what you’re doing. In fact, he’ll probably be oblivious.

Which means you may have to…

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How to tell a guy you like him