Relationship Advice

Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 244

Do you ever wonder why your children trigger you? What if parenting was designed to get you to grow up and become more fully yourself. In this enlightening interview my guest Dr. Shafali sheds light on her own journey as a mother and how parents have a big choice how they raise their children.


(4:40) Introduction Dr Shefali.
(10:00) Learning not to give.
(12:33) About parenting and raising kids.
(16:30) The process of breaking out of the feeling of unworthiness.
(18:15) Parents dealing with defiant children.
(22:25) Shefali’s overall take on parenting.
(25:25) About self-growth.
(28:15) Dr Shefali’s lessons learned about herself while parenting.
(34:40) Should parents stay married because of their children.
(37:40) Why problems with masculinity are related with how boys are raised.
(43:00) Action step.