Sex Toy Review

Icicles No. 79 Glass Plug in Pink

https://www.pinkcherry.com/products/icicles-no-79-glass-plug-in-pink (PinkCherry US)
https://www.pinkcherry.ca/products/icicles-no-79-glass-plug-in-pink (PinkCherry Canada)

Sexily swollen and manageably petite, the No. 79 from Icicles features a classic tapered shape and gorgeous diamond base perfect for enhancing just about any play scenario, anal or otherwise.

Smoothed into a point at the tip, the No. 79 penetrates with ease, leading the way to a thick midpoint and nice sleek neck. Acting as a barrier agasint too-deep insertion, the widespread diamond shaped base can be cupped in hand and rocked for intense massage.

Ideal for pleasure seekers with sensitive skin, glass is hypoallergenic and non-irritating, plus, it can be enjoyed with any type lubricant, massage oil or otherwise. Clean before and after use using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Avoid abrasive surfaces to keep the Icicles No. 79 in top shape.