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7 EASY DMS That Make Him INSTANTLY Respond

Hiii Lovebugs!! We’ve all heard the saying “SLIDING IN THE DM’s” & there’s no question how successful it can ACTUALLY WORK!!! Today’s video I’m diving into some simple tricks to work INSTAGRAM DM’S to your full advantage when you want to captivate your crush. IG DM’S is an incredible tool to use since it’s private, quick and in present time. Taking the opportunity to REACT or ENGAGE with what your crush is interested in will give many chances to share more of yourselves with one another. Not only does it make the BOLD STATEMENT of “hey… I’m paying attention to YOU” but, also gives them the chance to do the same vice versa!! It’s great place to showcase your humour with fun & quirky emoji’s/Gif’s. When you follow these SUCCESSFUL TIPS you will notice that the conversations are much more exciting to engage with!!!

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In this video we talked about: how to DM your crush, when to react to your crush’s Ig, how to start a conversation in the Dm’s, how to ask your crush’s opinion, appropriate timing to react, conversation starters, easy things to dm