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25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You…

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25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You – Maybe LOVES You!

Things would be so much easier if the guy you want to date would just show you undeniable signs he likes you, too. Wouldn’t it make this whole dating & relationships thing much easier?

And the reality is that these indicators can also be signs he loves you if they’re dialed up a bit more, too.

In all my years of coaching and work with people, the one thing I’ve noticed is that a woman wants to read a man’s signs, but rarely wants to find out directly how he feels. And who would, right? We all want to risk as little as possible, because it would really suck to find out you read him wrong.

If there’s a chance he likes you – you will want to find more evidence before you put your interest out there.

So instead of gambling, let’s take a look at some of the signs that his feelings for you are more than just friends…

Let’s start with:

Sign #1: Yummy Eye Contact

Yup, it’s an all time favorite around here. Eye contact says he likes you like nothing else. It’s the king of the nonverbal indications of desire.

BUT – there’s something I’ll bet you don’t know about a guy’s eye contact skills.

You see, men are also very shy when it comes to making strong eye contact these days. It comes from a little-known part of psychology, where many shy or “not so Alpha” guys are afraid of being seen.

And men don’t make that kind of smoking-hot, Sean Connery, knee-buckling eye contact anymore.

They’d rather have women fall into their lives, but then they realize that this doesn’t usually happen. Mostly because women prefer men to make the first move. (Don’t tell me you’d like it the other way, because it’s just not true.)

I’m not crazy about this trend in men of being so weak, but it’s real anyways.

So realize that if he isn’t making super face-melting eye contact with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t like you. It just means he might be awkward and very self-conscious about his interest in you.

But otherwise, you’ll probably notice him try to sneak glances at you when he thinks you won’t notice. If you catch him doing this a lot, it’s pretty obvious he likes you.

Sign #2: Attention! Attention!

There’s one thing that always indicates which woman a man wants to make his girlfriend. It’s been shown in scientific studies, and countless other experiments.

And the woman he desires is always the one he’s giving his attention to more than the others.

Now, before you come to the wrong conclusion that this means you have to be beautiful to get his attention, let me clear that up.

Men are initially attracted to pretty women, but they pay attention to the women that engage him in the most connecting and heartfelt conversation.

I’m telling you now: It’s nearly ALWAYS true.

I can’t tell you how many times I would talk to an exceptionally beautiful woman and realize that she has been drawn into her own vanity and superficial beliefs about the world.

The reason I chose almost every single woman I dated was because she kept my interest through conversation and fun times.

That’s it! You don’t even have to be witty or charming – just EASY to be around.

Sign #3: His Funny Factor Explodes…

A guy’s sense of humor goes into overdrive the second he’s around a woman he likes. He just stops thinking, and starts being a goofball to get you to laugh.

I think men understand on a gut level that if he can make you laugh enough, you’ll probably start to like him. We understand that there is nothing more emotionally attractive than someone with a great sense of humor. (Even guys give a priority to funny women…)

So when you talk to a guy and his attempts to make you laugh start, you’ve got a fish on a hook.

Sign #4: Mr. Green Shows Up…

When that ol’ green-eyed monster – JEALOUSY – shows itself, you know you’ve got a guy who is emotionally interested in you.

Remember that the nastiest of our emotions also speak to how much we’re feeling about someone. Some of the most heinous crimes were committed for love – and jealousy. So they have a lot of power!

When a guy starts acting jealous about you doing something this weekend with some other guy, you’ll know in a heartbeat that he

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25 undeniable signs he likes you