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Facebook Live At Johnny Berba’s Fearless Event

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My Upcoming FREE Fearless event in London is on the 13th October
If you would like to come along
Email – [email protected]

Johnny Berba’s FREE FEARLESS event is really taking off and changing people’s lives, because unlike most events and seminars where you just listen to a speaker on a stage: Johnny Berba makes sure that everyone who attends the FREE FEARLESS event, takes (practical action) and faces their fears on the day ASAP!

At the fearless event we approach women in public and hit the boxing pads to build confidence. We also help one another and share our own personal experiences and ideas. Johnny also gets people to come out and practice public speaking in front of the group which is fantastic for building your confidence. YOU ARE GETTING 100X MORE VALUE at Johnny Berba’s FREE fearless event then you would anywhere else.