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How to flirt with a guy over text

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How to flirt with a guy over text

How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text… 3 Sexy-Flirty-Confident Steps

Knowing how to flirt with a guy over text is one of the dating tools that your mom never had to deal with years ago. But if she’s single, she might have to know how to do it – the same way you do!

It’s not hard to keep a man interested – if you know what to say to him. The problem is that most women don’t really understand the differences in how men communicate versus how women do. There are some things that can blow up in your face if you don’t take care to get the right words and the right phrasing.

A good friend of mine gives advice online (similar to what I do for women.) But she gives advice to MEN. And one of the big mistakes I see is that she talks to guys the same way she talks to women – using the same words. And they sound really awkward to a guy’s ear.

Phrases like:

“Blow your socks off.” I can’t remember the last time anyone said that to me that wasn’t 80 years old and jangling quarters in their pockets…
“Namby pamby.” Again, not a term that men find helpful or even understandable…

The moral of that story is that you want to really think about the words and the phrases you use with men, because a simple wrong word at the wrong time could be all he needs to look elsewhere.

Speak his language!

Now, before we get started, I want to tell you about how these texts work.

You need to know that there is only one way that text flirting can help you – it’s to get him emotionally connected to you.

And you do this with my “Magic Formula.”

The Magic Formula For Flirting With Guys Over Text:

Flirt and get him excited about you…
Get in person with him to “lock him down”
That’s it – nothing more and nothing less.

The second step, what you do when you get in person with him, that’s something I reveal in my programs.

But when it comes to the first step: “Flirt and get him excited about you” – that’s what I’m going to outline for you here today!

Now, let’s get started…

So, how do you actually flirt with a guy over text messages?

Well, a good part of it is attitude. In fact, if I had to give you either ATTITUDE or the WORDS to use, you’d be better off with attitude every day of the week.

Because the truth is:

It’s not only what you say, it’s how you say it.

If there’s one thing I want you to get from this article, it’s that if you have the right attitude, you can say almost anything to anyone.

Yes, the words are important, too. I’ll come back to this in a bit so you can understand what words work with men.

In fact, there’s a really good chance you’re looking up this article because you know what you’re doing isn’t working the way you want it to. AND you don’t want to keep making these mistakes with him.


Depending on where you are with your guy, how long you’ve been dating him, etc, you could have a bunch of goals for the two of you. But the important thing to know is this: What is the next step?

On the path to a long-term relationship – or even marriage – there are MANY steps. But the only one you should be concerned with is THE NEXT ONE.

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Just focus on the next thing that needs to happen – and that will tell you what the next “beat” in the rhythm of love is for you.

So there’s a rhythm of texting you should follow. If you just met him, don’t focus too much on when/how you text him. That will make you a little crazy and over-analytical.

Just work on getting the first meetup with him – whether that’s coffee, lunch, or whatever.

And don’t be afraid to be the one to initiate with a simple text like this:

“Hey, if you’re going to ask me to lunch this week, better hurry – I’ll be out of town next week… ;-)”

If you’re going to flirt with him, you want to be brave, but not vulgar. It’s a fine balance between turning him on, and being a “good girl” that a guy wants to pursue.

Knowing the rhythm of when to text and when not to text is important, because very often we use texting at the wrong times. Sometimes you need to follow up with a phone call – or an email.

Texting is not the ONLY form of electronic communication. And the fact that it’s so casual and convenient leads a LOT of people to over-use it!

Which leads me to this:

TIP: Do Not Use Texting For

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How to flirt with a guy over text