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STOP Leaving The Conversation Early When It Gets Awkward

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Johnny Berba coaches you on how to conquer your anxiety with talking to women in different social situations. Johnny Berba has successfully coached hundreds of his clients on his signature (6 week transformation programme)

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A Lot of men tend to panic when they are talking to a woman they find attractive and they get nervous. When they get nervous or experience “ANXIETY” and it gets awkward! they tend to leave the CONVERSATION early, which in the short and long run is a huge mistake. If you keep leaving the conversation early, every time you get anxiety, you will never gain confidence with women and conquer your (Anxiety)

The “secret” is to force yourself to stay in the conversation when you feel anxiety and it gets really awkward. This does not feel comfortable at the time, but you will always feel more confident afterwards. Plus your confidence with women will keep increasing and the next time you are in a social situation with a woman it will definitely feel less awkward. You have to suffer if you want to conquer your anxiety with talking to women and become confident and attract a long term relationship.

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