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How To Grab His Attention

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How To Grab His Attention – 7 Secrets

I’m going to start right out and tell you that this is not going to be like other articles that give you the same “cosmo” kind of advice about how to grab his attention. You have to get this kind of advice from a MAN.

And yes, I’m that man.

There are a lot of articles out there that tell you to pose sexy, dilate your eyes, wear red, etc. While it’s true that this is interesting stuff to read about, it will not give you ANY edge when you want to grab his attention.

Sometimes you just want his attention BACK on you after losing it…

I’ll bet you would like an unfair advantage against other women out there. You just don’t know how to really make him see you.

Of course the first thing you want to do when you meet a new guy is to get him to really see you. And if you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you know that the glow often disappears and you might feel taken for granted.

Or worse – he disappears or ghosts you. That’s not fun at all.

But there’s a really big mistake women make when it comes to getting the attention of the man they desire. In fact, it’s the biggest mistake:

How To Grab His Attention – BIG MISTAKE: Attracting attention instead of INTEREST!

It’s one thing to have him notice you – and another thing completely to get him feeling emotional desire for you. You have to know this difference and know how to make him really feel it.

– Some women think it’s enough to wear the right clothes, push their boobs up to their neck, reveal some leg…
– Some women think it’s enough to wear a really fragrant perfume…
– Some women think they need to laugh louder or act more “visible…”
– Some women think they have to flip their hair, bat their eyelashes, lick their lips, or act seductive…

All of these methods will only make you look like you’re trying too hard.

Women everywhere get SEEN by men. That’s not hard. But you have to ask yourself HOW you are being seen.

How do you WANT to be seen?

As a guy, I can tell you that we see through most obvious ploys. We know when a woman is TRYING to get attention. We also sense the women that are less overt with their behavior and act more demure, when it’s backed up with FEMININE CONFIDENCE. (More on this in a minute.)

So now let’s get into the meat of how to grab his attention…

TIP 1: Know Your Target…

Look, you might think this bit of advice sounds a bit mercenary, but you need to know something about this guy that other women don’t. Men are all too familiar with the women who only seem to want to have men worship at their feet. If he’s a little older than, say, a college frat-boy – well, you’re gonna want to be smarter than the average girl.

Most men (not boys) want to know THEY are of interest to you. And the way to let him know you’re interested is to get a little information about him up front.

If this is a guy you’ve just met, you want to ask him questions about his life. Find out what makes him tick.

– What are his hobbies?
– Where has he travelled?
– What drives him and motivates him?

If you ask the usual small talk questions, you will bore him fast.

Now, if this is a guy in your social circle, you should also try to learn more about him from his social media presence. Check out his Facebook page…

What’s he into?
Who does he know?
Any common friends…?
What is his personality type…”

And always keep your eye out for the next level –

TIP 2: Look At The …

For the rest of the tips – WATCH THE VIDEO…!

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How To Grab His Attention