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5 Minute Beauty Hacks to Make Your Life Easier | Ask Kimberly

In my life as a relationship expert, mom, and CEO, sometimes it’s all about the #littlewins – let’s be real!!

I’ve partnered with @joy_shave to give you SIMPLE, EASY beauty hacks that will help get you more time back in your day, so you can tackle the more important stuff (like talking to your crush or bingeing the latest TV series 🙂 I LOVE the new joy razors – not only do they come in super cute colours pink and teal, but they remove hair surprisingly well with 5 blades at an affordable price. If you live in Canada – check out joyshave.ca. The best part is that a starter kit with its colourful handle, 2 cartridges and 1 shower hook is only $9 AND shipping is free in Canada! Now THAT’s a win! #Ad #FindYourJoy

Hi, I’m Kimberly and this channel is all about relationships, dating, crushes and confidence, but I also mix in quite a bit of my personal life including pregnancy, my family, my life, and and work! I went to school for 14 years to get my doctoral degree in Psychology so I have lots of life advice for you guys! Subscribe to Ask Kimberly if you haven’t already!

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