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How To Flirt With A Guy Texting

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How To Flirt With A Guy Texting

Flirting with a guy is tough enough, but most women want specific tips on how to flirt with a guy texting.

Texting a guy adds a whole new layer of complication – but it also simplifies things a lot, too.

Think about it: When you text, it’s like you get to say anything you want, and you know your whole message will be received at the other end. No interruptions or misunderstandings…

When you text a guy, you get to plan what you say – and say it right.

When you text him, you can say things you might not have the guts to say in person to him. Which leaves a lot of room to be suggestive and send sexy texts that get him interested.

Before I dig into these flirting texting tips for you –

Always remember these tips when texting and flirting with men:
TIP 1: Guys are awkward as heck in text…
It’s true. Men aren’t all that savvy when it comes to sending texts to women.

We’re not even all that good sending texts to ANYONE, really.

It’s not incompetence, mind you. It’s really that guys just don’t use text to talk. We just use texting to share information and coordinate things.

Guys also use texting for:

Confirming dates/times
Sending addresses, links
Sending jokes and fun stuff (we’ll come back to this one)
Alerts – warning or cautioning about things, like weather, hazards, etc
So keep in mind that his responses to casual conversation in text might seem short and almost unfriendly. You just have to know where he’s coming from.

TIP 2: Coy is the best…
When in doubt, you have to lean towards being more shy than forward when texting guys.

Now, this is where a great many women are confused.

Coy means:

…making a pretense of shyness or modesty that is intended to be alluring.
It does NOT mean: Be difficult, hard to understand, or weird.
Sometimes this is not clearly understood by women who didn’t get good advice from their moms. (I’m just calling the truth here…)

TIP 3: When In Doubt, SCRAMBLE…
A good friend of mine has this technique he calls “the scrambler.” It’s something he teaches men who are trying to be more attractive to the opposite gender.

He tells guys they shouldn’t be so predictable when they talk to women. The same advice works for women, too.

This roughly equates to a “pattern interrupt.”

Don’t let that funny, scientific term fool you…

A pattern interrupt simply means to throw something into your conversation that’s completely unexpected. And usually unrelated to what you’re talking about.

For example, if I’m talking to my friend about where to go for lunch, and I suddenly blurt out: “Nice car!” because I see a Ferrari pass by, that’s a pattern interrupt.

It scrambles the other person’s circuits for a second as they try to figure out the context of what I just said.

The same thing can work for you in texts as well. Don’t use this technique too much, or you could just wind up seeming a bit weird.

But when he says something to you that throws you off, or you feel an emotional reaction coming on, a pattern interrupt is a great way to distract him.

If he says something in a text that you don’t know how to respond to, throw something back at him out of left field. It will buy you some time until you can call a girlfriend and get some interpretation.

However –

TIP 4: Don’t over-analyze…
When a guy sends you a text you don’t know how to interpret, the best response is not to interpret it AT ALL.

I can’t begin to tell you how many women ask me: “What did he mean by THIS?” and shoving their phone in my face.

You have NO IDEA what he was doing when he sent that text….
For all you know – He may have voice dictated it, and the phone sent it wrong…
Ever had auto-correct completely change something you typed? Yeah, that’s another way that texts are misunderstood
Guys aren’t great at talking about feelings, emotions, and connective stuff – much less TEXTING them
I could go on and on with this list. The essence of it is that you are far more likely to misinterpret something he says than to get the real “meaning” of it.

Don’t fall into that over-analysis trap!

It happens all the time, and it can lead you to text him something WTF to him.

When in doubt, don’t …

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How To Flirt With A Guy Texting