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3 Myths Men have about Women Pt 1

3 Myths Men have about Women Pt1


Hey, what’s up Jason Gaddys here. I’ve got a three part series. This is part one, the three myths about women that men have right in the context of relationship. So I hopefully go back and watch the video I did on the three myths about men. I think that was useful. Now let’s talk about the three myths about women in the context of relationship, right? And I’m just gonna go one at a time. So today we’re just going to talk about the first myth. Myth number one about women is guess what? You are too emotional. You’re too emotional. Oh my God, she’s so dramatic, okay? You get labeled trauma, bitch, emotional, et cetera. You get labeled so many things, um, and when a man is upset, but today we’re just gonna talk about this first one. You’re too emotional. So let’s unpack this. First of all, I just want you to hear, you’re not too emotional.

That’s bullshit, okay? You’re as emotional as you need to be given whatever the hell is going on in your life with your partner. And also given the history, um, relational history you have, right? So if we understood you, if a man could really take the time to understand you, he would understand why you’re being as emotional as you are, which ain’t too much. All right? Often men label women as too emotional because he’s afraid of your emotions. It’s too much for him to feel whatever he’s feeling as you cry, sob, get angry, scream, whatever it is, he’s uncomfortable. All right? So as a man, I just get kind of uncomfortable and then I’m going to label you as too much so that I can feel better over here. This is really important to understand. This is not personal, okay? This is actually more about him than it is about you.

The translation to your, to emotional is, I don’t know how to handle you and your emotions because I’m not in touch with my own emotions and I’ve suppressed and repress them my whole life. So here you are emotional. Unlike a, I’m kind of blown out. I don’t know what the fuck to do over here. Okay? So you can start to understand, it’s like pretty okay. Pretty normal. So what the man needs to do here. If you’re listening and you’re a man, you’ve got to develop emotional capacity to be able to handle your own fucking feelings, then you can handle her feelings. All right? It’s that simple. Now, at times, if you’re a woman and you are very emotional, sometimes some women can embellish their emotions to get a man to come forward, to get him to pay attention, cause sometimes she’ll say, I’ve had a lot of women say, well fuck, the only time you like come and pay attention to me is when I’m crying.

And so I cry. So you fucking come over here and pay attention right now. Is that wrong or bad? No, it’s just makes sense. Like you want connection. So you’ll do what you need to do to get that connection. But your pure emotions without any filler trying or trying to get connection or anything, just your pure raw emotions. I just want you to say or here, please keep that coming for us. Men, just be yourself. All right. Now it’s good as a grownup to learn to handle and titrate your emotions to self regulate your emotions. That’s a really good skill to know. And I recommend learning that because otherwise if you’re an overly emotional woman, you’ll continue to drive people away. And my guess is you don’t want to be alone or drive people away. So you might have to lift some weights here on how do I regulate my emotional intensity that I feel.

And often I find that women who have a hard time regulating their emotions grew up in families where there was no teaching or download about that. It was just shit went down. The bad thing happened. You got emotional, hysterical, whatever it was and no one was there to like pick you up and teach you how to be with your upset. No one taught you. So what do you expect? You’re a grown woman and you still don’t know how to deal with your emotions. All right? So yes, that’s possible. And if that’s you, please work on that. Please develop the capacity to, you know, it’s kinda like just social graces. Like you don’t just sob hysterically at a bus station or on an airplane or at a dinner party. Um, unless that’s part of the context, right? You just, you learn how to contain it. Okay.