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Sick of Family Asking “Why Are You Single?” Here’s Your Answer (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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The holidays can be a magical time with those we love.

They can also be a time when those we love ask us intensely awkward and annoying questions.

Questions like…

“So, why are you still single?”

Find this question mildly triggering?

And not just because it makes everyone within earshot feel awkward… but because it can unearth any anxieties YOU may have around your single status…

Well, as always, I want to equip you with a powerful response to this question.

So in preparation for all of the family gatherings and holiday parties you might be going to, I shot this week’s video for you.

Because look… while Aunt Agnes (or co-worker Mike, or newly engaged Sally) should have a more tactful, and frankly more interesting, question to ask…

The REAL problem is that these questions are amplifying your own inner thoughts…

(And more than even having the right words to say, you want to have the right internal dialogue in response to this question.) I answer this in the video too.

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