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BEFORE YOU BREAK UP – do these 5 things

Before you break up do these 5 things

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What is up Jason Gaddys here with some more relationship advice for you, okay? You’re going to want to try these five things before you decide to break up with the person you’re with or end the relationship. You know, a lot of us sit and they’re like, should I stay? Should I go? Um, I want you to try these five things and it’s going to require some work on your part, okay? As I say a lot here and on the podcast, good relationships require work. If you don’t want to work, I can’t help you bounce. Don’t, don’t subscribe to this channel, all right? But if you do want to work, keep listing five things to try before you break up. All right? Number one is in this bigger context, you’ve got to look in the mirror, all right? You’re going to look in the mirror. I’m going to ask you deeply to look in the mirror and examine yourself.
Most of the time, people are, uh, looking at the other person. Well, they’re not this way. They’re not that way. I don’t want you to do that. I want you to look in the mirror instead of evaluating whether this person’s a fit or not for you. All right? So looking in the mirror requires these five things. All right? Number one, learn about yourself in the context of relationships. Learn about your triggers. What are you like? What do you don’t like? How do you get activated? What annoys you? What has you feel? Relaxed and safe? Okay, learn about yourself. Next. Number two, learn about them. Learn about how they work in a relationship. Um, are they mean, are they nice? Do they shut down? Do they distance? Do they pursue? What is their kind of orientation? What’s their attachment style? What’s their deal in relationship with me?
Okay, so you’re going to learn about yourself. You’re going to learn about them. Too many people skip these first two steps and they just go to the honeymoon phase. Everything’s great. And then as soon as things get challenging and the challenging stage, people bounce cause they’re unwilling to learn about themselves or learn about the other person. Okay? So those two things. Number three, learn how relationships actually work, okay? Longterm relationships are not a fantastical place where you meet the one and everything just works out. That is bullshit. Okay? That it doesn’t work that way. You’re smart enough to know that it’s more like you meet the one things are pretty cool for awhile and then you start to get really triggered by them. They start to get triggered by you. You guys start to like get crunchy and annoying to each other, and that’s when people say, I must be the person.