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Co-parenting & Blended Families – Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 264

I received enough requests that it was time to do an interview on co-parenting and blended families. This is a great primer for you if you are in this situation.

The couple I interview has lived the experience. One is divorced. One is a spouse of a deceased partner. They blended their families together and it went super well! Their story is inspiring. Listen now!

(4:30) Introduction Tammy and Jay
(8:00) How does a couple know when merge to their families
(11:10) How to tell your kids if you want to merge families with someone
(19:55) How to deal with conflicts with your co-parent
(32:50) Last words about co-parenting
(39:10) https://coparentinginternational.com/
(39:20) http://modernfamilydynamics.com/
(39:35) https://thestepmomconnection.com/
(40:50) Action Step