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How to Love After Being Hurt (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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Ever been hurt or betrayed?

Maybe someone broke your trust, cheated, or took your love for granted…

If so, I’m really sorry.

The pain that can come from heartbreak is unlike anything else. It’s sickening.

But, there is something even more heartbreaking than heartbreak itself: Allowing the ghosts of the past to trick you into giving up on your next great love story.

If you’re finding it hard to open yourself up to love again…

If you are spending your life avoiding rejection right now instead of going after what you really want…

If being vulnerable and letting your guard down scares you to death…

This new video is for you.

It’s natural to want to protect your heart…

But if constantly playing defense is preventing you from meeting the REAL love of your life, you’ll never get to see just how much happiness your future still has in store for you.

Come on. We’ve got this, you and I. Let’s be courageous together. No more holding yourself back.

Let’s live!

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