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How to HEAL from a BROKEN HEART ?

Today I’m sharing a special video from my new Dating 101 Series where I share how you can HEAL from a BROKEN HEART.

I go pretty deep in this video, so get ready to hear some things I’ve never discussed on this channel before. I know a lot of my lovebugs can relate to this topic, so I created this just for you. ?

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0:54 – Chapter 1: Breakup Season
2:41 – Chapter 2: What Breaking Up REALLY Feels Like
4:25 – Chapter 3: The Stage of Denial (Why It’s the WORST)
6:17 – Chapter 4: What “No Contact” Really Looks Like
10:46 – Chapter 5: How to Achieve Closure
14:01 – Chapter 6: How Your Ex is Feeling
15:28 – Chapter 7: Should You Get Back Together?
17:03 – Chapter 8: How to Cope with Life and Feel Better
26:30 – Summary

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