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10 Things To Help You Deal With Anxiety and Depression

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10 Things To Help You Deal With Anxiety and Depression

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You have to have something to focus on that will take your mind of your Anxiety and Depression. You need a progressive long term goal that gives you some satisfaction. The goal doesn’t have to be specific. It could be for example: to improve talking with people / or to improve your relationships with women / or to get into fantastic shape

You also need to make little daily goals to make your day more interesting and fun. One of the things I have learned about people is, they don’t like their lives to be the same everyday. This is what makes people feel hopeless and anxious and depressed. (Change is really important)

When you can create change in your life that is meaningful to you, it really does help to keep your anxiety and depression to a minimal level. You can’t fully get rid of anxiety and depression it’s normal everybody suffers from it. If that was the case nobody would be struggling with mental health, Because the Doctors would have found a permanent cure. All you can do is learn to manage it. This does not mean you cannot live a normal happy life and reach your full potential. YES! YOU CAN

These are things that really do help me and I hope they can help you too.

Cleaning my apartment
Washing my clothes
Going out for a walk
Going to the gym and training
Watching a good film with a great story line.
Going to see my family
Meeting up with a friend
Talking to a woman I like and going on a date.
Going to eat at a restaurant.
Helping someone in anyway I can.

I have found that your thinking and emotions plays a huge part in how you feel from day to day. This is why you have to stand up to your Anxiety and Depression and Fight! Otherwise it will beat you into a very dark place which you really don’t won’t.

Anxiety and Depression can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you use it. It takes a tremendous character to continue to fight Depression. I strongly believe you can win the fight over your Depression if you really want to.

Don’t listen to the negative voice in your head that tells you to lay in bed and stay at home. Go out and meet people and do things that scare you and intimidate you.

When you do this you will become what I call Fearless.

I hope this helped you my friend.

BTW if your Depression and Anxiety is really bad and you cannot deal with it. I seriously recommend you seek professional help it will be the best thing you have ever done. There is know weakness in getting help. Its actually a real strength to have the courage to seek help.

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