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How To Start A YouTube Channel And Get Subscribers! (2020)

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How To Start A YouTube Channel And Get Subscribers! (2020)

Johnny Berba breaks down exactly how to start a youtube channel and become successful and get lots of subscribers.

You don’t have to be great! to get started on youtube, but you gotta get started to be GREAT!

STOP! OVERTHINKING and WORRYING about WHAT IF? I fail on youtube… “TAKE ACTION” and “Become Fearless” because once you do, you will feel so good afterwards. Start off with doing the basics and once you gain more confidence on Youtube, and you start gaining subscribers, you can start implementing the more advanced stuff on youtube!

These are the key principles that will help you to become successful on youtube!

1) Honesty
2) Consistantsy
3) Giving value by helping people to solve their problems
4) Enjoying the process of communicating on youtube with people from all over the world!
5) Being yourself
6) Not being afraid to fail (You don’t need to be perfect)
7) Having a strong brand that represents who you are and what you do
8) “ENGAGEMENT” answering questions for your subscribers and fans!
9) Call to action! Like, share, subscribe, to my channel
10) Marketing – Keywords and completing a description underneath your videos
11) Having good thumbnails that stand out so people click on your videos 🙂

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