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How To Make Him Desire You – And Chase You…!

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How To Make Him Desire You & Chase You – 9 Tips

If you love a man, you want to know that he’s not only in love with you, but that he WANTS you. You’ve probably found yourself wondering how to make him desire you at some point.

Usually, this means that you want him to chase you… It’s the most powerful way to feel desired by a man, after all.

And of course, the most powerful way to be desired is to feel sexual desire. You don’t need a sex expert to tell you that. Knowing you’ve got him under your spell means you know he needs you.

Men love to chase women, and this has been true for tens of thousands of years.

And if a guy is chasing you, you know that he’s NOT pulling away from you!

The key to making a guy obsessed with you lies in sexual tension – as you’re going to learn in these tips…

One quick warning before we get started here:

If you’re using a lot of manipulative “tricks” to make a guy desire you or like you, you’re going in the wrong direction.

Men have a very keen nose for the scent of bullsh*t in a woman. If he senses that she’s playing games with him, you’ll know why he never calls her again.

Sexual tension has to be created with sincerity!

Now, let’s get started with –

TIP 1: If You Want Him To Want You – DO THIS – Say it, soft and sweet…

For years, advertisers have used the trick of putting your name at the top of a form letter, or you might get an email that has your name in it. Whether you want to admit it or not, seeing your name (and hearing it) grabs your attention like nothing else.

You may have heard that the most important word in the whole world is your name.

Just think for a second about how you feel when a person says your name:

You’re instantly on alert…

Your attention is focused on that person…

You know that they’re talking right to you…

It’s the ultimate personalization…

Find a moment that you can slip his name into the conversation, if only to watch him respond.

TIP 2: Get Him To Pursue You – NO, Really! You better have one of THESE…

Have what, you ask?

Have a f@#$ing life, dude!

Sorry, that might sound harsh. But saying “have your own life” has reached epic cliché proportions. Just mentioning that about relationships typically gets an eye-roll and a “Yeah, got that, what else?”

But you have to really have to fight back that urge to start running after him and picking out your wedding dress.

The first thing you must have is your own interests and hobbies!

Why? Because guys are intuitive about one thing above all else: If you’re going to be a “stage 3 clinger” or not.

In a guy’s eyes, needy chicks are the worst!

They’re an emotional drag – because there’s usually a lot of drama attached…

He won’t feel challenged if you’re all set to start chasing him…

A man has a very limited amount of emotional energy to go around, and he knows that a clingy woman is going to take 1000% of it…

He’ll immediately think that all you’re dating him for is for free food, or you just can’t stand to be alone. NEWS FLASH: Neither of those is good…

You don’t have to be immersed in meetings every night of the week to show that you’ve got your own life. But you DO have to have other demands on you that occasionally make him have to wait on you.

The easy test of your neediness is this: If you have at least one activity (and I’m not talking about going to the gym or grocery shopping) that could conflict with a date, that’s perfect.

If you find that you’ve got less than 3 nights per week that you can go out on a date, then you might be TOO busy. But in my experience, it’s rarely ever the case.

TIP 3: Stick To Your Guns…

I’ve been on a LOT of dates with women, and there’s one thing I can tell you that will NOT make a man sexually desire you: When you change your stance on something to avoid him disapproving of you.

Major turn-off!

Men almost NEVER…

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How To Make Him Desire You