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The Narcissism & Codependent Trap – Ross Rosenberg – 273

I get a lot of requests to talk about narcissism, so here you go.

First, I’m not a huge fan of labels. I’ll explain why in the podcast.

Regardless, I found a great guy who lives and breathes the narcissism and codependency dynamic, literally.

You should hear his story about how he extracted himself from the codependent side of the dynamic. Plus he has a lot of helpful pointers if you, or someone you know, is stuck in this painful relationship pattern.


(2:40) Introduction Ross Rosenberg
(8:10) Learning how to pick the right partner
(11:20) What is a codependent relationship
(14:45) What is narcissism
(18:50) What causes a person to be narcissistic
(24:10) “The codependent delusion”
(30:50) How working on yourself impacts your relationships with the people around you
(36:20) Action Step


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