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How to Love Yourself More

I like talking about self-esteem and how to love yourself more because this is something I feel like I actually have some practical advice on. A lot of times you hear generic advice like “just accept yourself” and that doesn’t make any impact on anyone. I even hear some people say things like “everyone has something they’re insecure about” which is totally not true. Saying THAT is basically telling people they’ll never get over their insecurities. I would guess about 10% of people have zero insecurities. And when I say “insecurities” I mean people who aren’t bothered by anything about themselves and are completely comfortable in their skin. Of course, everyone has flaws but how much those flaws bother you is what determines if something is just apart of who you are or if you make it an insecurity.There are absolutely people like that and you can be one of them. So I wanted to give you some useful tips that can help you love yourself more. I’ll make a video about “50 Things I Love About Myself” probably sometime next week if this video gets good feedback. If you read this all the way through let a comment letting me know if you want that video. Thanks for reading my rant:)

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