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Why Men Don’t Open Up and What to Do: Unexpected Lessons from My Week with Wim Hof (Matthew Hussey)

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Let’s start with this…

(this video is different from any video I’ve ever done. I’m really excited for you to see this.)

Vulnerability is hard for everyone.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, we’re all terrified that if we show our true emotions or let someone see who we really are, we’ll get rejected.

And while this struggle is universal, men have an extra layer of complexity because so many have been taught to believe that their value is in their ability to appear “strong.”

Guys are programmed their whole lives to “man up,” be “tough,” and show that they’re an “alpha” if they want to be liked and respected.

(Of course, women face plenty of unique challenges as well. But for the sake of this video, I’m focusing on the other half of the equation.)

While strong, masculine energy isn’t intrinsically a bad thing… it can get in the way of creating deep, lasting connections when men cling to outdated versions of it.

Here’s something to think about: Even when a guy wants to share things with you, he often feels deep down that the stakes are too high.

He’s scared that if he voices his vulnerability, it will change the way you see him forever… that you’ll no longer view him as the attractive hero he wants to be, but instead as someone who is weak and undesirable.

Now if you’re reading this email, it’s likely because you are open to seeing all sides of him. That you’re not just looking for some one-dimensional guy because you understand that vulnerability is the key to a deep, passionate connection.

Which is why I recorded this video (stay to the end for a special announcement).

And while it’s never your job to fix or solve a man’s problems for him, this is an opportunity to be one of his greatest allies in bringing out a side of him that no one else sees.

Not only will this allow you to get closer to him, but you’ll be giving him something that maybe no other woman has been capable of giving him before.

The best part? Every time he’s able to open up to you and have a positive experience, it’s another building block in your relationship. One that creates deep trust and makes you irreplaceable…

Stay to the end of the video for a special announcement that you won’t want to miss.

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