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Aged 34 I Had A Mental Breakdown And Spent 6 Weeks In A Mental Hospital ( 3 Things I Did To Recover)

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Aged 34 I Had A Mental Breakdown And Spent 6 Weeks In Hospital ( 3 Things I Did To Recover)

If you are reading this description because you are going through mental health problems? I want to first say NEVER GIVE UP! because the help and support is out there for you and you can recover. I suffered for years in silence because I was too afraid to come out and talk openly about my mental health problems in case people judged me. I know from first hand experience what it’s like to suffer with anxiety and depression on a daily basis. You are not on your own, Millions of people all around the world are suffering right now in silence with mental health problems.

Mental Illness is a silent killer that is effecting so many people all around the world. The only way we can conquer this problem is by speaking out publicly about it and bringing awareness to it. Once people start talking openly about their mental health problems, they will feel so much better. Then people can get the necessary help and support that they need to find peace and happiness in their lives. Like I mentioned in the video, the main three things that really helped me recover was:

1) Counselling
2) Gym & Fitness
3) Medication

– Going to the gym and having a regular routine is so important for maintaining a good mental health.

– Having a professional counselor to talk to about your mental health problems is also really helpful.

– Medication can also really help you to get back to being yourself – Medication should be recommended by a professional doctor.

You are stronger than you think, so don’t give up on yourself, because you have Greatness in you.

“Goal setting” is so important for your mental health and happiness, because it gives you something to put your energy into and focus on. I am a STRONG believer in the value of a person facing his or her fears in order to gain confidence and happiness and a sense of freedom in life.


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