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**WOMEN** will judge you on This:

In my experience with having relationships with beautiful, feminine, women, and coaching hundreds of men over the years to create honest relationships with beautiful women. I have learned that women panic inside and lose respect for you, when they see you are not taking responsibility in your life. I am talking about basic things that a Man should do, Like: washing his clothes, cleaning his apartment, making appointments and committing to following through with them.


WOMEN don’t like when men keep avoiding responsibility because it demonstrates too much weakness.

strong character

Are the things that WOMEN are attracted to in men which all happen when you take responsibility for your life. This builds a STRONG character.

We all have things that we need to do in our lives on a daily basis. Most of the things that we have to do, we tend to not to feel like doing them. The reason we don’t want to do things, is because, we as MEN associate “RESPONSIBILITY” as something that will be “STRESSFUL” and “PAINFUL” and “UNCOMFORTABLE”. This is why we put things off and “say” I will do that another time BUT! not now, I am too busy. We lie to ourselves to avoid taking responsibility and facing the things that we need to face.

In most cases we lie to ourselves because we want to rationalise a valid excuse to get out of taking responsibility. If we continue to avoid taking responsibility, it starts to affect our confidence and self-esteem and happiness.

Avoiding responsibility over a long period of time develops a very weak character. This will be detrimental to every aspect of a Man’s life. Facing your responsibilities as a MAN creates a very strong character, which will positively impact every aspect of your life. + The people around you and your community 🙂

Today we are living in a time where unfortunately most men have become Cowards!!!! They have very “weak characters” because they don’t take enough responsibility.

The good news is: **Men can change** With the right mentorship and incentive Men can become GREAT! again and start to add value to society and create a larger vision of themselves.

***You feel so good when you take responsibility*** This is the motivation for Men to take responsibility in their lives. Once you experience how good you feel afterwards….

**TAKING RESPONSIBILITY** will inspire you to want to continue living that way!

Become Fearless.

Here are some examples on how you can take responsibility as a man and be a better person and treat others in a much better way.

1) Cleaning your apartment and keeping it tidy on a daily basis

2) Regular Gym Fitness Routine.

3) Dealing with official stuff like calling up the bank, paying your bills, phoning up for maintenance and fixing your apartment.

4) Washing your own clothes and showering and putting on clean clothes.

5) putting your jacket/coat in the dry cleaners.

6) Building your dream business.

7) Helping your parents friends and community

8) Booking a dentist appointment and looking after your teeth/health

9) Not continuously complaining about your problems and challenges in life to other people.

10) Giving back to your community in any way that you can.

Remember what happens when you avoid responsibility and what the negative effects are on your confidence and self-esteem and happiness?

You feel so bad when you avoid taking responsibility. So don’t allow yourself to “BECOME WEAK”


Thanks for taking the time to read this my friend 🙂 I hope it helps you as much as it has me and my clients.

Johnny B

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