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How To Get Control Over Your Anxiety (High Quality Video)

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My Name is Johnny Berba, I help men to get control over their anxiety so they can live the life they want to live. I have transformed hunders, thousands, of people’s lives all around the world with my “FREE” Youtube videos. (You can also check out my *6 Week Transformation Programme testimonials* on my Youtube channel, on the playlist section)

**Anxiety** can hold you back in every area of your life if you don’t get control over it. The way to get control over your anxiety is to face it. The more you confront your social anxiety, the less anxiety you will feel when you talk to people.

Practicing talking to people in different social situations is the key to getting CONTROL over your anxiety and living the life you want to live. When you face your ***ANXIETY*** you will always feel amazing afterwards. If you keep avoiding social situations, you are going to feel unhappy and depressed and LONELY.

Spend at least minimum 6 consecutive weeks practicing talking to people in social situations that make you feel anxious. After 6 weeks, it will be so much easier talking to people in social situations. Like I mentioned in the video, you should go to a meetup group at least once a month so you can practice meeting new people. Just because you have anxiety does not mean you cannot enjoy being around people and forming genuine connections with them.

The best! advice I could give you reading this, is never ever give up on yourself. Keep moving forward and facing your fears and chasing your dreams in life. The moment you give up on yourself and quit!… Is The moment you make yourself fail in life and prevent yourself from becoming successful and getting full control over your anxiety.

Anxiety can be a blessing in disguise if you get control over it and face your social fears. Once you gain some solid confidence from talking to people at social events, you will be more inspired and motivated to want to take more risks in your life.

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Johnny Berba
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