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How To Improve The Quality of Your Relationships With Women (***UNBELIEVABLE ADVICE***) 2020!

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How To Improve The Quality of Your Relationships With Women

Johnny Berba explains why most men fail in their dating lives because they don’t have a purpose. Most men are chasing women for happiness and approval, which does not work in the long run. ***WOMEN*** don’t want to date a man that is needy and does not have any ambition in his life. If you want to become more naturally attractive to women? Then you have to find something that you love doing in your life.

A Woman cannot make you happy.
You have to find happiness in your own heart.

Once you have something in your life that you love dong, your quality of relationships with women will dramatically improve. Being desperate to get phone numbers, dates, relationships, from women, will only put women off from wanting to date you. There is nothing wrong with pursuing a woman that you find attractive. Yes, by all means you should be social and talk to women with confidence and honesty. However, if you are depressed and suffering with anxiety because you don’t have a DREAM in life? Then chasing women for approval is the WRONG way to go about finding happiness and self-esteem.

Sit down and get a piece of paper and write down all the things that you would enjoy doing. If you know what your purpose is in life? Then ***BRILLIANT*** STOP! WASTING TIME and start actually chasing your DREAM and working towards it every single day. This will automatically give you happiness and all the approval you need. Then you can TALK to women from a place of confidence and high self-esteem. You can then start to really add value to women just by being happy and POSITIVE when you TALK to them. Women can immediately sense when a man is not needy and desperate to ATTRACT them.

Women are attracted to men that are confident! and happy 🙂

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