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Are You Responding to These Manipulative Behaviors? (Matthew Hussey)

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Ever found yourself attracted to the wrong person?

Or getting interested – even turned on – by the wrong sort of behavior?

It’s more common than you think. And this pattern will continue if you don’t figure out why you keep responding to these bad behaviors.

This week, I sit with my friend Aubrey Marcus for his podcast. He’s a fascinating guy whom I’ve loved spending time with since we met on our Ice Retreat in January.

Mid-podcast, a really interesting moment happened…

He asked me about a questionable technique certain men use to get women attracted. Spoiler alert: it’s not a kind one.

You’ll hear us talking about it in the video…

My response won’t surprise you.

But what concerns me deeply is that this technique exists because it often works.

I want to ensure it never works on you. Let’s make sure your confidence is never so low that you respond to this kind of thing…

P.S. Thought for the day: Some guys are not there for you to “figure out.” Do not waste your life trying to decipher the behavior of the wrong person.

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