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Addiction & Parenting Difficult Teens – 279

I love teenagers! As you know i used you to work with troubled teens in a variety of settings, from drug treatment centers to wilderness therapy programs.

I think to be skilled with teens requires some serious skill. That’s why I brought my friend Aaron Huey on the podcast to discuss how to deal with difficult teens.

If you are not a parent, this will still be valuable as we discuss addiction, boundaries, and enabling, all issues that come up in adult relationships too.

Listen now!

(4:30) Introduction Aaron Huey
(11:40) How people can get more empowered and overcome victimhood
(16:20) Advice for parents of kids getting bullied
(18:15) Exploring negative behaviors on teenagers
(22:40) About parents expecting treatment centers to fix their kids behavior
(26:15) Should we blame and call out parents?
(28:50) Creating family behavior contracts
(33:00) 4 things that families can do to prevent negative children’s behaviors and decisions
(36:55) Why parents enable kids’ negative behavior
(43:15) How mothers react different than fathers
(48:55) Advice for teenagers struggling with addictions
(1:00:00) https://firemountainprograms.com/
(1:05:35) Action Step

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