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3 Signs Youre dating emotionally unavailable men

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3 Signs You’re Dating An Emotionally Unavailable Man

Woody Allen once famously said:

Men learn to love the woman they are attracted to… Women learn to feel attracted to the man they fall in love with…

I think Woody hit it right on the head. And it’s one of the most important realizations we can have about how romance and relationships REALLY work.

Men are looking for the attraction first, and women can often hold off on that if they find the KIND of man they want. It’s not right or wrong – it just IS.

Look, I’m guessing you’re not a 20 something that gets drunk and stupid at the clubs, yelling out “oh my god! I LOVE this song! Woo hoo!”

Am I right?

If I am right – and you’re a woman that’s ready for more, then you will want to hear what I have to say here…

Hang on:

Most men are NOT emotionally unavailable.

Oh, I know that’s going to send many of my fans showing up at my house with burning torches, crying “Send out the monster!”

But that won’t stop me from being right…

Sure, some guys are out of touch with their emotions, but most are not. What most magazines, gurus, books, and television shows tell you is “emotional unavailability™” is actually something else in disguise.

I’ll tell you what it is in a minute. But first – let me shock you again:

Mature men in your target zone do NOT think like the meatheads that went to clubs in their 20s.

Sure, some act like it, but that’s a lack of enlightenment. And you probably aren’t interested in them.

You want to find the right guys, the ones that are attracted to YOU – and YOU are attracted to them.

So I’m going to give you 3 Signs the man you’re with is emotionally unavailable.


Because I want you to avoid the guys that are wasting your time. And we both know that guys that aren’t there for you emotionally are a huge time waster. You know these guys can’t really commit their heart to you.

So let’s avoid them right from the start…

You’re Dating A Guy Who Can’t Commit – Sign 1: He’s NOT in touch with himself…

For most men, being “emotionally available” is not just about sharing his feelings with you – or about his EXPRESSION of his emotional state.

NEWSFLASH: Men will probably never show emotions on the same level as a woman will. At least at not as diversely.

Being “Emotionally Available” is about his openness with YOU and himself. His availability is about where he is right now emotionally and his willingness to sit with that discomfort, instead of running away – or presenting it as “all fixed” or all sorted out.

This signal also includes the not-so-subtle way a guy will seem to never accept the blame for anything in the relationship.

HINT: If he’s still blaming his ex (and all past exes) for relationships not working, you’ve got a problem.

One Exception: If he’s had past relationships with women that blamed him for everything, to the point of emotional abuse.

However, a mature man knows what his contribution is to any relationship problems. Or he at least suspects them. So you have to be able to separate these two situations and see them clearly.

A man has to be able to own up to his role and actions in the relationship. This is what it means to be in touch with himself.

If he’s still ducking out any kind of accountability, you’re going to have an uphill battle for years to come.

Ask yourself:

– Is he a superficial guy? Entranced with the appearances?
– Is he a guy that’s deeply vain about his own appearance?
– Is he able to connect with people that he doesn’t need anything from?
– Can he hold a “deep” conversation about… well, anything?

He needs to have the skills of holding more deep thoughts than Joey on “Friends.”

He’s Emotionally Unavailable – Sign 2: He’s Got An Obvious Relationship Pattern…

Most legitimately emotionally unavailable men have a clear pattern in their relationships, and it reveals their emotional maturity in detail.

You should do your best to find out if he’s got a pattern like this:

– Click to watch the video and find out all 3!

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3 Signs youre dating emotionally unavailable men

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