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How men fall in love – 3 tips make him fall in love with you…

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How Men Fall In Love – 3 Tips To Make Him Love You

This might seem like a mystery to many women, but there is a way to sneak into a man’s heart and get him to fall in love with you.

That’s a huge promise, isn’t it?

But it’s one I can deliver on – if you’re willing to drop your guard for a bit and put your old belief systems on hold while I bring you up to speed.

Look, if you’re wondering why men fall in love with one woman instead of another, I’m your guy!

First of all, I’m a MAN.

Second – I’ve felt the difference – having fallen in love many times (and having chosen ONE woman forever…)

AND – I’ve also fallen OUT of love almost as many times…
I’m not your “guru” for nothing…!

I am going to warn you that this article is likely to push a lot of your buttons. But before you close this tab and go back to mindless YouTube videos, give the information a chance to soak in.

I’m here as your Voice of Reason in an otherwise insane world that tells you to buy the right teeth whitener and perfume as a way to get the relationship you want.

Truly, you should think THAT is about as crazy as it gets… And if you want to see that kind of CRAZY in action, go read some of the YouTube comments I get. It’s like a study in WOW.

(But my heart goes out to you who still haven’t seen the light. Keep reading… Keep reading!)

But before I get to the 3 tricks to get him to fall in love with you, I want to warn you about a couple of things that will BLOCK a man from falling for you – because this will shut down his feelings for you faster than anything. You won’t get a first chance with him – much less another…

LOVE BLOCK #1: Thinking you know how men think…

Honestly, unless you’re an avid student of my programs, I can pretty much guarantee you have some misperceptions about how men think. I know this because of the following:

I’ve been a MAN my whole life. And I’ve coached MEN for over 15 years on what they’re looking for. (I’ve coached myself for even longer.)

I’ve read more relationship books than you can imagine. And I know what is theory vs. FACT with men.

I only teach what WORKS. No guesswork. Just the simple TRUTH about what men think, and how to get women past his defenses.

I know this sounds arrogant. But I myself am NOT. My advice works, and it’s tested and proven.

Most people don’t like to hear the certainty in my voice because it highlights their own lack of certainty. Which is why we call someone “arrogant” instead of “certain.” I can be wrong from time to time, but I don’t teach wrong things.

Let me show you how men think with my articles, videos, and programs. I think you’ll be genuinely impressed.

Wait, that’s not arrogant enough…!

I KNOW you’ll be impressed.

LOVE BLOCK #2: Your own “stuff”

I know you might be wishing I would tell you that you can have the relationship of your dreams while still hiding a 50 gallon drum of CRAZY in your backyard, but it ain’t happening.

You need to at least KNOW what your “stuff” is, and then be working on it. It doesn’t need to be RESOLVED. But you do have to be AWARE of it.

Your “stuff” might be:

– Old relationship baggage
– Daddy/Mommy issues
– Breakup baggage
– Fear of abandonment / intimacy (Funny enough, lots of women hide their own “commitment phobia” behind his… Hey, it’s easy to blame, but harder to name…)
– Insecurities…
– Trust issues…

Geez, I could go on and on and on. There are a million-and-one ways we block love.

Again, the point is to:

FIND what’s blocking love
ADMIT your blocks
STAY AWARE of your blocks
WORK on them – one day at a time…

LOVE BLOCK #3: Your need to fall in love…

Yeah, you heard me right…

Your own need/want/desire/obsession to fall in love will probably jump in and blind you to your obstacles.

If you want a relationship more than you want the PROCESS of creating one, you’re going to overlook red flags. And you’re probably going to scare the $#!+ out of most guys.

Men can sense when a woman wants a relationship more than she wants HIM.

I’ll probably write a whole book on that topic sometime, but for now let’s agree on this:

If you’re more focused right now on why your man isn’t as loving/connected/adoring as you want him to be instead of whether he’s even the RIGHT MAN… you’re probably …

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How men fall in love – 3 tips make him fall in love with you…

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