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Why Does He Like Me? – 7 Surprising Signs He’s Interested In You

It’s often a complete mystery to us when someone we like starts showing interest in us. It feels great, of course, but it’s still such a crazy random thing that we feel like we’re just lucky it happened.

And if you feel lucky, you may feel fortunate – but you don’t feel like you’re in control of the situation.

Ultimately, you should have control of your love life…

And you can! It’s not hard – IF you understand the principles of why people fall for each other in the first place. I’m here to tell you that love IS predictable, – again, IF you understand the formula.

Have you ever found yourself wondering: “Why does he like ME?”

Or: “Does he like me? For REALSIES?”

Well, let’s talk about the first question first…

The WHY of ‘Why does he like me‘ should be clear to us all. But it’s connected so innately to our self-esteem that we often don’t want to admit that we wonder about it at all.

For every person, there are probably dozens of reasons why someone likes you…

Such as:

Your smile…
Your heart…
Your sense of humor…
Your generosity…
Your transparency and honesty…
Your legs…
Your taste in fashion…
Your perception…
Your common sense…
Okay, this list could get really tiresome. And I’m sure you get the point…

The REAL question we’re asking here is, “Why does he like me – so I can know what to show him MORE of!”

And: “Why does he like me – so I know what to feel good about myself…”

No one gets tired of hearing how awesome they are. Primarily because this world doesn’t usually broadcast about your benefits. Usually, we only hear about our shortcomings.

That’s probably why I treasure the friends I have that remind me of the good parts of me. We always wonder if we’re right about ourselves.

Now let’s talk about the other question: “Does he like me?”

How do you know?

Well, let’s explore that with the 7 signs he likes you…

But I have something important to get out of the way first:

You need to confess to yourself that you LIKE not knowing.

It’s true.

You like the mystery just as much – if not more – than the reality. It’s the same reason that Christmas day is nowhere near as fun as all those days before when you’re wondering what’s in all those presents.

There’s a delicious sense of anticipation and mystery that’s built into the very notion of wondering if he’s digging you.

And you LOVE that feeling…

We ALL do!

It’s something our brains were wired for. In fact, when you’re anticipating or wondering about a guy you’re interested in, your brain will start pumping hormones that help you fall for him in advance.

That’s right – you start falling in love simply by letting yourself think about a person too much. You don’t even need to interact with them before your brain starts getting attached.

It’s crazy, and it’s one of the reasons you can’t spend too much time indulging in wondering about him. The time you’re spending on this project is actually making you feel like you’re already connected to him, without knowing for sure.

This is why it can be extra crushing when a guy doesn’t like you – after all, you’ve just spent all that time ruminating and wondering! “Dangit! He’s gotta like me back!”

So don’t let that wondering create an “artificial relationship.”

I have coached many women (and I get about 10 or more emails every day from women) that feel they already have a relationship with a guy that they haven’t even spoken to or gone on a date with yet.

It feels real, but it’s just a fantasy until you make it real.

Does He Like Me? – Sign #1: He’s Still There…

Seriously, this is one signal that you can’t ignore, but we all take for granted.

Let’s say you’re out at a party, chilling with your friends, and a guy starts a conversation. If that guy keeps talking to you, you can be pretty sure —

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Why Does he like me?

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