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Are you a smart, interesting, loving and well liked person who can understand every aspect of their life except dating? When it comes to love and relationships, do you feel at a loss? Does the stress and struggle of dating take a toll on your self-esteem, your confidence and leave you asking, “What am I doing wrong?!”

Do you even find yourself searching online for answers? Well, if this resonates with you, in anyway, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m Miss Solomon, dating coach and the founder of The Dating Truth. This is my channel and I share with you the BEST advice for finding and keeping love in your life.

The Dating Truth is the premier advice website for MODERN DATING. That means dating advice for the times we currently live in. Not how it was, or how we wish it could be, but dating advice that gets you results in today’s modern era.

The Dating Truth isn’t just a website but a community. I created a place for you to not only get advice but support. Being single in today’s world isn’t easy. Especially when everyone around you seems to be finding love quickly and easily. Often, your friends don’t understand what you’re going through or why you can’t seem to “find someone.”

Even worse, when you do meet someone that you like if falls apart. Leaving you to start all over again or to search online for a site like this one.
I want to help you find the love that you deserve and create a dating life that is FUN and FULFILLING. I’ve dedicated my work to it. I’ve built my business dedicated to helping smart single men and women find love fast! Let me help you!

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